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Household water manufacturers to you about another water purifier knowledge

Household water manufacturers to you about another water purifier knowledge

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    With the deterioration of the environment, people are increasingly concerned about their own health problems, more and more families to buy their own artificial household water purifiers, and water machine is one of the most popular models, most people know water purifier is mainly filtered water impurities, not knowing which involves another problem, and that is desalination. Household water machine manufacturers, Kunshan General Hing Machinery Co., Ltd., here for you to explain this truth.

      All household water which contains a reverse osmosis membrane, that is, people mouth said RO membrane, a membrane that has an extremely high filtration precision filter pore size of about 0.0001 microns, the aperture can filter all the impurities in the water, remove ions contained in the water solution, so as to minimize the effect of water concentration, which is usually a process that people are talking about desalination. Desalination membrane elements created when forming has been determined, the thin layer of membrane desalination element surface density determines the level of rejection rate, that the higher the level the more intensive desalination desalination. Reverse osmosis for the removal rate of the different substances is mainly determined by the structure and molecular weight of the substance, and the complex of charged ions monovalent ion removal rate can exceed 99% of monovalent ions such as: sodium ion, potassium ion, chloride ion removal slightly lower, but more than 98%; molecular weight greater than 100 organics removal rate can reach 98%, but less than 100 molecular weight organics removal rate is low. In general, the salt rejection of the RO membrane can not achieve 100% retention of trace elements will be in the water.

    Desalination rate formula: rejection rate = (total salt content of water - the total salinity product water) / total feedwater salinity × 100%.家用纯水机

      Kunshan General Hing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis water or household water manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, reasonable prices, quality assurance, if demand, please call 0512-57673568!

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