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About Beware of fake brand products showroom General Hing

About Beware of fake brand products showroom General Hing

Release date:2014-11-07 00:00 Source: Views:

Recently, I received a number of complaints from customers, businesses have to reflect on illegal sale of fake "General Hing" brand water purification products on the market, and through the door to door, the Internet, stores and other sales channels. Our company has handled this situation a lawyer and legal liability for infringement. To avoid suffering deceived customers and consumers and cause economic losses, the company now the circumstances of the alleged counterfeit merchants be notified. Consumers who have purchased the product for the authenticity of doubt, you can call our service phone 4006857158 for confirmation. For internet marketing entity exists in the current product, our customers look to buy, to guard against fraud.

Now the current alleged illegal use of "general Xin" trademark counterfeit products and features section, disclose the following:

1. Price: You can refer to our Alibaba domestic / overseas website price (, sold for less than the price of the product, please buy carefully.

2. Quality: Our filters, RO membranes are imported, the purchase can ask for proof of imports related to the business. Our cartridge filter housing market than the whole product to be heavy in weight thickness.

Here are some of fake pictures:


To protect our customers, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please pay attention to identify the product, and pay attention to the screening, the company has also set up an ad hoc group will be legal weapons to protect our customers, and our legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Are invited to our customers, our consumers to report or provide clues counterfeit products, for my company to provide clues or help customers and consumers, I express my heartfelt thanks for this!
Thank our customers and consumers have long attention and support!

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