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Water purifier manufacturers warn you focus on safe drinking water

Water purifier manufacturers warn you focus on safe drinking water

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Water effect on the human body:

Water is an important component of cell and body fluids:

       The origin of life in the water, the water content in the human body is the most ingredients. 70% of the adult body consists of water, water in children accounted for 80%. Every organ of the human body contains extremely rich water. Blood and kidney 83% water, 80% of heart muscle is 76%, 75% brain, liver 68%, that is, bones contains 22% moisture. Intracellular water within 42% of young people, the elderly account for only 33%.

Water involved in the whole process of metabolism in the human body:

       Water solubility is very strong, and have a greater ability to ionization, and an electrolyte dissolved state can the state of the body of water-soluble ionic substance exists; and because water has a greater flow properties, in human digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion process can help accelerate the delivery of nutrients and excrete waste, makes the body metabolism and physiological chemical reactions proceed smoothly.

Water for regulating body temperature plays an important role:

       Value high specific heat of water per gram of water to raise or lower 10C, you need 1,000 calories caloric value. Because the human body contains a large amount of water, thermal energy generated in the metabolism of water absorbed, so that the temperature will not significantly increase; in fact the value of water evaporated is large, heat of vaporization of water per ml of about 579.5 kcal, (37 ") so long as the amount of water evaporating body can emit a lot of heat in order to maintain a certain body temperature, such as ambient temperature is high, the body heat can evaporate through the skin with water cooling, in order to maintain a constant body temperature.

     Nowadays, with the development of human civilization, water pollution is worsening, especially domestic drinking water safety concern. World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80% of the disease in recent years, and 50% of children in the world are related to poor water quality-related deaths. Drinking water is not up to daily family life has become "invisible killer", a great pose a health hazard.

Now, safe drinking water has become the focus of attention, more and more people began to buy home water purifier, to ensure safety of drinking water. As always Xin water purifier manufacturers, household water machine manufacturers, technically, Xin has received a total of more than 100 domestic and foreign patents, water purification technology reached the international advanced level; on the product, the total Xin has a lot of products to meet different regions, different water, different needs of different consumers; in the market, with a total score Xin see, will continue to vigorously explore the market, and strive to a new level.

As the water purification industry leading brands, Xin always been to advanced technology, product quality and caring service and other advantages favored by consumers, the sales of its products for many years ahead of peers also maintained good grades. As a well-known enterprises, Xin always aware of his social responsibility has always been to improve the health of people drinking their responsibility, and a steady stream of better products for consumers and more advanced concepts.

Kunshan General Hing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis water or household water manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, reasonable prices, quality assurance, if demand, please call 0512-57673568!


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