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Water purifier manufacturers tell you what kind of water purifier is a good product

Water purifier manufacturers tell you what kind of water purifier is a good product

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In recent years, frequent incidents of domestic water pollution, people began to pay attention to safe drinking water. Subsequently, bottled water, drinking fountains appear to some extent, improve people's water environment, but still there are inevitable secondary pollution, especially poisonous barrels events have been exposed, so people began to place their hopes in the water purifier . Relative to the market several popular way of drinking water, the benefits of using home water purifier has a lot, it can completely improve water quality, but also to drink; at the same time to replace bottled water cheaper and more hygienic.

First, solve the secondary pollution of water

After chlorine disinfection of water, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals, volatile substances; long after the water transported through the pipeline, vulnerable secondary pollution, so people would choose to boil basically a drink, but boil only solve the problem of bacteria, can not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria "corpse" and other issues, but the chlorine in tap water after cooking temperature will produce chloroform, chloroform is standard carcinogens, so the quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, but will also cause serious health risks.

Second, the best choice to replace bottled water

Bottled water bucket is about 8-16 yuan range, high cost, and this mostly with a large water purifier or a water tap machining, there are few natural mineral water; the same shelf life of bottled water short time, after the connection with the dispenser in the open state, pollutants in the air easily, and therefore is not an ideal solution for drinking water.

Third, unlike the high cost of bottled water

Bottled drinking water is a minority of people, but do not meet the needs of life, as well as the convenience of not enough.

Four, to drink standards, lower cost

General Hing is a professional water purifier manufacturer, our production can be effectively separated from water purifiers to remove all types of contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sand and other impurities in the water and harmful substances, and the cost of bottled water for relatively much lower, the water taste good, water weakly alkaline, small molecules, activity, and is home to the best drinking water solutions.

     I Division, as recommended by the manufacturer of household water consumers in the choice of household water purifiers to consider the following four elements:

     A look at water purifier filter effects. Biggest role is to filter harmful substances purifier, so choose a good water purifier filter effects is very important.

     Second, look at the quality of the water purifier. Whether through national testing. In fact, the national product requirements for wading approvals must be issued by the Ministry of Health, consumers can ask queries on the Ministry of Health website qualification documents, identify whether through approval.

     Three to see if water purifier United States of cheaper prices.

     Four to see service is in place, the easiest way is to check online Soso, see the company has no negative reports and quality disputes. With these points you can buy the rest assured products.

The total R & D category Xin water purifier manufacturers, products for the public choice. After years of dedicated research and proved. Total Xin technology is second to none in the country. Today's total Xin has numerous agents and distributors in the country, has already solved the problem of drinking water for thousands of families. Xin total selling technical products and special gradually affects more vendors and end customers. Which I produced by the Secretary of reverse osmosis water is to get the majority of users alike. Water purifier manufacturers tell you what kind of water purifier is a good product


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